1965 Mk2 Jaguar 2.4 litre manual


The quintessential English classic

The Mk2 Jaguar is a collectible icon from the swinging sixties. The MK2 Jaguar was perhaps the world’s first luxury/performance sedan. Fitted with 4 doors and with room for a family, the MK2 soon became the transport of choice for gangsters and police departments alike in its native Britain, as well as the unbeatable champion in UK and European sedan racing. Inspector Morse boosted the desirability of the car (Morse’s car was in fact a similar 2.4), and the car appears in a number of other British television series and movies depicting the 60s.
While the 3.8 and 3.4 litre models have tended to grab the headlines and big prices in recent times, the 2.4 litre model is a more complete and balanced car, combining good acceleration and speed with more reliability as the 2.4 litre engine tends to place less strain on the rest of the mechanical components of what is, after all, a 60 year old car. This is especially true of the manual gearboxes, as this one is. Less 2.4s were made than 3.4 or 3.8s, and with the more recent focus on the larger engined models, the 2.4s are even rarer now than they were.

Our car is a 1965 Jaguar Mk2 2.4 Manual, (shipped new to NZ and registered here in 1966) with only 112,000 miles travelled. The car has only had 3 owners, if you include the mechanic who owned it briefly between the first and current owner (who has had the car since 1982). In effect the car has really only had the two long-term owners.

The bodywork is good, with the interior showing just the right amount of patina consistent with the low milage of the car. The front passenger and drivers seat are obviously a little more worn than the back seats, but still in great condition and just need minor work which should be well within the abilities of any leather upholsterer.

The car has been serviced throughout its life to date, with only minor but practical upgrades being the installation of electronic ignition and switching the car from positive to negative earth. Other than that, new carpets, radiator replaced and the rings being done a little while back, the car is original.

A totally practical classic

Feel free to fire any questions or offers through, test drives can be arranged by appointment.

This is a totally practical classic, having had a fairly easy and sheltered life to date. You would be had pressed to find such an original, low mileage and low number of owners car and one that can either be easily further upgraded or left as is as very driveable classic or a sound investment. With Mk2 Jags showing no slowing down of price increases and the premiums now being paid for the larger engined Mk2s, this will appeal to anyone looking for an iconic yet affordable classic.

Further photos will be taken and provided as requested.