Our secure car storage facility is safe and secure.  Our location is discrete and there is restricted access to the warehouse.  Security is paramount to our business and we have high grade security systems, backed up with onsite staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Health & Safety

Jensen Classics is serious about protecting vehicles and the people involved with them.  As part of creating a safe environment and work place we have a comprehensive Health & Safety Plan which includes users of any equipment.  You will receive a safety induction and full instructions before use.  We also provide some safety gear such as eye glasses and high-viz vests, however you will need to wear your own appropriate footwear.  Once you book the use of any equipment, we will send you the information and rules governing its use.

All our equipment is high quality and is regularly maintained and serviced.


Keeping your vehicle in a clean dry controlled environment will ensure you protect its value by keeping it in top condition.

You can rest assured that you do not have to worry about where your vehicle is or that you might not have any room or the right environment to keep your precious vehicle. With us your vehicle is protected from theft, as well as environmental factors such as sun, rain, dust or damp. Our staff always use the utmost care when handling and moving vehicles. Vehicle maintenance of engine and other moving parts maintenance is carried out in the warehouse which does not include driving your vehicle. The only exception is where we are loading/unloading your vehicle as part of our drop off/pick up service.

Jensen Classics uses only high quality products in everything we do, such as CTEK battery chargers, car care products and our low profile trailer. We’ve got lots more products to bring your way too, and our commitment is to continue to improve the level of care and protection we can provide for your vehicle.

Convenient Location

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Discreet Premises

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