Long Term Vehicle Storage


Jensen Classics offers long term vehicle storage for months to years. That includes battery maintenance, car cover and maintenance programme, as well as access to our other services. You may be an airline pilot, a business person or a frequent traveler who needs somewhere safe and secure to store your prized vehicle in a secure location in Auckland.

If you have too many vehicles and don’t want to sell them then Jensen Classics is the answer.

Reasons you may need long term vehicle storage :

  • Have you run out of space?
  • Have you got a new baby and a family car and nowhere for your special car?
  • Do you have too many cars and not enough carparks?
  • Have you purchased an investment vehicle and want somewhere to store and not drive?
  • Are you traveling a lot?
  • Do you work overseas and want to keep your vehicle?
  • Do you fly out of Auckland a lot and want your car cared for close by?
  • Are you an Australian business owner who travels to NZ  regularly for business purposes?
  • Have you inherited a special family vehicle and can’t take it out of NZ?
  • Are you restoring a vehicle and need to store it somewhere?
  • Do you live in an inner city apartment with only 1 or no carparks and want to drive your special car on the weekends?
  • Is your apartment carpark too small to fit your car?!
  • Where can you store your convertible over winter?

If you answer YES to any of these questions then contact us to make a booking.