More than just vehicle storage.

Discreet & Secure

Vehicle storage care with concierge services.

Discreet & Secure

Vehicle storage care with concierge services.

Jensen’s are Auckland’s only centrally located, convenient and trusted bespoke long and short term vehicle storage offering premium services to care for a variety of clients with classic, investment, exotic and high performance vehicles.

Caring for Your Car as You Would

Providing vehicle storage and care for:

american car storage


Rest easy knowing that your classic will be maintained and ready for you to take out on the next sunny day.

car collections


Exotic vehicles that require special care and a high quality environment to keep away from knocks and sticky fingers.

american car storage


Keep your American car under cover, protecting that paint job and ensuring it is safe from prying eyes and light fingers.

car collections


We cater for multiple vehicles that require the best long term storage and care possible.

Bespoke Vehicle Storage

Jensen’s provide vehicle storage solutions that are in secure, discreet, high quality environments using trusted products and care.  Jensen’s provide a premium quality ‘home away from home’ for your special vehicles.

Convenient Locations

Our sites are located near motorway access and convenient to Auckland City suburbs.

Secure Facilities

We invest heavily in security.

Discreet Premises

We don’t advertise our addresses and have no business signage.

Flexible Storage Options

We offer a variety of Packages for project vehicles, racecars, classics and a premium option of storage in an air chamber.

Customer Service

We are always happy to go the extra distance to help clients. Staff on site offer special service for access to vehicles after hours.

Make NZ Vehicle Ownership Possible

We care for vehicles where owners do not live in NZ or have any relatives to do so. They then know their vehicle will be ready to drive when visiting.


We are trusted and recommended by all Major Vehicle Insurance Companies as the best place to store your vehicle. We also carry comprehensive indemnity insurance with Vero to care for your vehicle when in our care.