Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Trust, Peace of Mind & Passion

Jensen’s understand that vehicle ownership is not just a monetary object but also an emotional one – so no matter what the dollar value of your vehicle they are all treated as precious cargo.

From project vehicles at the beginning of their journey to the highly tuned exotic vehicles often regarded as pieces of art.

Trust and security are the main reasons clients choose us over just parking in a garage.

All our storage is clean and dry.

100% Kiwi Owned, Approachable and Honest

Bespoke Vehicle Storage

Jensen’s provide vehicle storage solutions that are in secure, discreet, high quality environments using trusted products and care.  Jensen’s provide a premium quality ‘home away from home’ for your special vehicles.

Convenient Locations

Our sites are located near motorway access and convenient to Auckland City suburbs.

Secure Facilities

We invest heavily in security.

Discreet Premises

We don’t advertise our addresses and have no business signage.

Flexible Storage Options

We offer a variety of Packages for project vehicles, racecars, classics and a premium option of storage in an air chamber.

Customer Service

We are always happy to go the extra distance to help clients. Staff on site offer special service for access to vehicles after hours.

Make NZ Vehicle Ownership Possible

We care for vehicles where owners do not live in NZ or have any relatives to do so. They then know their vehicle will be ready to drive when visiting.


We are trusted and recommended by all Major Vehicle Insurance Companies as the best place to store your vehicle. We also carry comprehensive indemnity insurance with Vero to care for your vehicle when in our care.

Why you should choose

Jensen Classics

For a price not much more than you’ll pay for a standard storage unit with no additional services, we’ll store your vehicle in the highest security, protect it from the weather and dust, keep a check of WoF’s and licence dates, provide access to a range of additional services (with more to come), and maintain it, so it is ready for you when you want it.

  • Our range of services ensures top care and protection for your vehicle.

  • Our premises, security and operations are approved by insurers.

  • Our storage fees are competitive AND you get more for your $ with our programmes.

  • Our clients trust us with their valuable loved vehicles and really value the service we provide.

  • We work with other businesses to enable our clients to benefit from their specialist services.

  • We offer great service and your satisfactions is our priority, we always welcome suggestions and feedback.