Secure Vehicle Storage

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Our secure car storage facilities are safe and secure. Our locations are discreet and there is restricted access to the warehouses. Security is paramount to our business and we have high grade security systems operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week backed up with onsite staff.


Jensen’s are serious about protecting vehicles and the people involved with them.  As part of creating a safe environment and work place we have a comprehensive Health & Safety Plan which includes users of any equipment.  Please respect our staffs instructions to keep you safe.  All our equipment is of high quality and is regularly maintained and serviced.


Jensen’s building quality, construction and locations are extremely important to the business. With this in mind we are conscious of gradient access for low profile vehicles and the topographical location for lay of the land and water flow, especially in the changing environmental weather conditions New Zealand now experience.

Keeping your vehicle in a clean, dry controlled environment will ensure you protect its value by keeping it in top condition.

In our main high value facility we have a customised air extraction system to assist us with a healthy clean air environment.  We also use individual Air Chambers to store vehicles in as a Premium Package. Ask us about how this will protect your valuable asset’s leather, chrome and paint. Being the NZ distributor of CarCapsule we also offer these products for sale to you for your home use.

You can rest assured that you do not have to worry about where your vehicle is or that you might not have any room or the right environment to keep your precious vehicle. With us your vehicle is protected from theft, as well as environmental factors such as sun, rain, flooding, dust or damp. Our staff always use the utmost care when handling and moving vehicles. Vehicle maintenance of engine and other moving parts maintenance is carried out in the warehouses which does not include driving your vehicle. The only exception is where we are loading/unloading your vehicle as part of our drop off/pick up service.

Jensen’s use only high quality products in everything we do, such as CTEK battery chargers, car care products and our low profile trailer.  We are committed to continue improving the level of care and protection we can provide for your vehicle and we work with high rated quality businesses to ensure this.

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Vehicle Storage with Jensen’s

How does Jensen’s Vehicle Storage Work?

Enquire & Apply

It’s easy, just email or phone us and we will email a reply with packages and pricing, we then have a conversation with you on your package selection and send you a link to our Agreement for Vehicle Storage and our T&C’s.  Once your Agreement is received an Invoice will be raised and sent to you with an agreed payment method established.  A booking arrival date and time will be secured at the appropriate location.

Check in Assessment

When your vehicle arrives it will be assessed and photographed for your records and anything of note for repair can be arranged on your behalf while you store with us.

Your vehicle may require a pre-storage wash and dry and the relative cost will be advised depending on your package.

Your vehicle will then be parked and prepared for storage with connection to battery conditioner and covered if requested or placed in an Air Chamber.

Pick-up & Access

Once your desired Package has been established we can advise the system for booking a pick up / drive date for the future.