Secure Vehicle Storage

Car Storage

Jensen Classics storage for cars provides a clean dry environment with care and services to allow you to enjoy your vehicle, including knowing it’s being well maintained in a secure location.

Long Term Storage

Jensen Classics provides long term storage of vehicles. This can be over winter months or if you have run out of room in your garage or are traveling or working overseas for long periods.  This option means that your vehicle will be kept in working order ready for you to drive when you want it again.  Ask us about additional services such as taking care of WoF’s and mechanical services.

Now you don’t sell your beloved vehicle – but have a safe secure storage option available.  Give us a ring to discuss your specific requirements.


Short Term Vehicle Storage

You are able to store your vehicle on a short term basis up to one month. That includes battery maintenance, car cover and maintenance programme, as well as access to our other services.


Accessory Storage

Talk to us about your accessory storage requirements such as hard tops, specialist race equipment, spare tyres, and restoration parts.  We have room for what you don’t!