Bespoke Services

Bespoke Vehicle Storage

Trust, Peace of Mind & Passion

Imagine in a busy world an extra pair of hands, someone that you can trust to take care of all the tasks associated with car ownership. Your own personal valet/care service so that when you want to drive your special car it will be all ready for you.

Our storage uses only high quality products such as CTEK battery chargers, soft breathable covers and high quality detailing/cleaning solutions and equipment.

100% Kiwi Owned, Approachable and Honest

Going the extra mile.

More than just Vehicle Storage

Add Jensen’s to your contacts and reach out and ask us how to make your life easier and save you time. Here are the types of requests we have had:

  • “Can you bring my car to the airport so when I land I can just jump in and drive off?”

  • “I want to drive my car frequently is that a problem?”

  • “Can you pick up my newly purchased car and keep it safe till I am ready to collect?”

  • “I am flying out late can you meet me at the Airport and pick my car up?”

  • “I have brought a new car as an investment can you pick it up from the Dealership and store for me?”

  • “Can I swap cars in my car collection in and out?”

  • “Would you mind taking my car for a photoshoot?”

  • “Help I’ve broken down outside of business hours can you please come with your low profile trailer and rescue me?”

  • “Can you manage my cars restoration process?”

  • “Please help renew my registration as I live overseas and don’t have a NZ address.”

Why you should choose

Jensen Classics

For a price not much more than you’ll pay for a standard storage unit with no additional services, we’ll store your vehicle in the highest security, protect it from the weather and dust, keep a check of WoF’s and licence dates, provide access to a range of additional services (with more to come), and maintain it, so it is ready for you when you want it.

  • Our range of services ensures top care and protection for your vehicle.

  • Our premises, security and operations are approved by insurers.

  • Our storage fees are competitive AND you get more for your $ with our programmes.

  • Our clients trust us with their valuable loved vehicles and really value the service we provide.

  • We work with other businesses to enable our clients to benefit from their specialist services.

  • We offer great service and your satisfactions is our priority, we always welcome suggestions and feedback.