Our Story

Mission Statement

” To provide a safe and secure home away from home for classic and specialist cars, to give each one the same care and attention our clients would themselves, ensuring our clients peace of mind.”

Our Story

Jensen Classics is a family business whose love of cars and lack of space saw the inception of the business plan.

The idea for this business concept formed in late 2014 due to our personal circumstances. In early 2013 we acquired our first classic, a 1976 Triumph Spitfire which was purchased from a man who had a growing young family, a need for the money, and space in the garage.

In early 2015 we acquired two further classic vehicles, one of which was ‘The Jensen’ Healey that came from England, followed by the ‘accidental Jag’ and then in 2016 the addition of the adorable 1967 Bambina!  We had nowhere to store them securely and in suitable environmental conditions and we realised that we wouldn’t be the only people in this situation.  Faced with this problem we started noticing other examples of classic cars being stored outside in weather or where security issues applied.

Classic Storage and Preservation

Subsequent discussions with various individuals indicated similar issues for others, with a number of comments relating to having to sell vehicles because of a lack of suitable (or any) storage being a consistent problem faced by many classic car owners. With increasing intensification and density of residential development, the storage problem is only going to get worse whether it’s a classic or a high value modern investment vehicle. For the expanding retro caravan, RV or commercial classic vehicles sector, the problem is even worse. Therefore we felt there was a clear need for storage coupled with maintenance and preservation, and Jensen Classics was subsequently born.

Specialist Care and Maintenance

While all vehicles benefit from regular maintenance, classics and investment vehicles require specialist care and maintenance as well as secure and dry conditions to protect and maintain them. Classics tend to suffer deterioration from moisture, sun, and dust at a greater rate than modern vehicles because of their age, construction methods and materials. Therefore it is essential to give classics greater attention and care to minimise restoration and maintenance costs. That can be hard with no secure protected storage, not to mention finding time for ongoing maintenance.

We provide that for you, so you can own and enjoy your vehicle, whether it’s to tinker on in our Work Bay, or simply jump in and drive on those clear blue sky days.

Investment Vehicles

If you have decided to collect a vehicle as a future investment, you can relax knowing that it is regularly maintained and exercised without adding miles or needing your ongoing attention.

We think classic vehicles are works of art, usually having an emotional value to the owner. We’ve found that all our classics have created in us a sense of responsibility to preserve, enjoy and enhance them. They are as much part of our heritage as any historic building, and we’d be honoured to be able to be part of that with you by assisting you enjoy classic vehicles.

What is a “classic” vehicle?

Oh, and our definition of a “classic” vehicle? If you have an emotional attachment to a particular vehicle, or love its design, mechanical attributes or history, then we consider it a classic. Whether it’s an E-Type Jaguar,  Dodge Challenger, Ferrari, or Holden/Falcon, or a De Soto, Gordon-Keeble or Bristol, or even an old tractor, truck or bus, motorbike or caravan, we’ll protect it, maintain it and ensure it’s ready for you to enjoy. And if it’s an investment, it will stay safe, running and pristine for it’s unveiling at some time in the future.

Graeme Michie


While I’ve always loved cars, and most forms of motorsport, I ‘caught the classic car bug’ after becoming an owner of an old Spitfire and immediately felt the responsibility to maintain and restore classics to preserve them for future generations. I have a broad spectrum of business projects and a diverse network across many sectors, and enjoy meeting and talking to people who have a similar interest in vehicles.

My dream garage would include an E Type Jag, an Iso Grifo, a Lancia Stratos, and a Dodge Charger or Challenger from 1967 – 1970, but I am definitely at some stage would love to get a Jensen Interceptor and Mercedes R107 380 or 450SL from the early ’70s (not forgetting that Charger or Challenger).

Lisa Jensen


I have an administration background and have run a successful graphic design business Jensen Design Graphics for the past 11 years. While I will continue with some design work, this opportunity to be more involved in preserving vehicles which so often represent great design is an exciting opportunity. So many classics are automotive works of art it seems a natural progression from my design work. Of course I will be combining classics and design by running the branding and graphic design support for Jensen Classics.

I really enjoy going out driving in our classics. It’s amazing the joy you get from driving vehicles with real character, such as the Bambina and seeing how many people smile and wave.  I’ve met several other people who used to own Bambinas and even had them as their first car – it’s so great when they start to smile as they recall their memories.