Frequenty Asked Questions

We’re here to help

We have listed a few of the questions we are asked that help explain how we are happy to assist our clients.

Jensen Classics is the perfect storage option if you have driven to Auckland and don’t want to leave your vehicle out on the street or at a motel or hotel. Clients drive up from south to attend events, concerts or race meetings and want to stay near their vehicle.  You can book into nearby accommodation and Jensen Classics will be happy to look after your vehicle overnight or for a few hours.

Jensen Classics is approved by insurers and is the best safe solution for you to store your car while away.  Don’t leave it in your garage where it could get stolen.  Have it cared for while you are away with a maintenance programme.

With Jensen Classics. We offer discreet centrally located indoor storage for your vehicle.  Out of the weather and away from prying eyes. Your vehicle does not leave our facility.

Yes, ship your special vehicle to Auckland, or buy one here and Jensen Classics will keep it in top condition ready for you to drive whenever you are here on business or pleasure.

Jensen Classics is affiliated with several shipping and logistics companies. We pick up vehicles on our low profile trailer or vehicles can be delivered straight to us.  We also deliver to compliance or mechanics to help you through the process.

Jensen Classics are able to collect your newly purchased vehicle on our low profile trailer or drive back (we are fully covered) and store it at our facility until you are able to pick up.

Jensen Classics has provision to store as many of your vehicles as you need.

This is a popular additional service Jensen Classics offers to clients who travel frequently and just can’t wait to hop off the plane and get into their special vehicle and drive off. With the reverse happening once they are ready to leave again – with the peace of mind knowing that Jensen Classics will care for their vehicle and have it all ready for next time.

Jensen Classics can store your car safely for any length of time while you have building work being done at your house, or a new garage built. Your insurance company will be VERY happy that you are keeping your vehicle safely away from the building site and potential risk! Your builder will be happy that you are helping reduce his liability too!

Jensen Classics of course!  If you have just sold your house and haven’t brought a new one yet and don’t know where to store your car we are the answer to your problem.

Jensen Classics is the perfect place to safely store your car while you are away working out of NZ.  Ask us about our service to and from Auckland Airport.

Jensen Classics are happy to keep your vehicle safely away from public view.

Jensen Classics works with several local garages to offer vehicle storage while they await parts to save space in their workshops.

If you have brought your car in from outside NZ and want to keep in a safe Auckland location till you fly in then Jensen Classics are the ones to help.

Jensen Classics offers short term storage to logistics and moving companies to care for vehicles.  They can then be picked up by car transporters or carriers to be loaded onto shipping straight from our facility.

Jensen Classics offers secure space to park for those challenged by small carpark spaces.
Jensen Classics is able to help you keep your car – we are located in a convenient Auckland city fringe location.  Ask us about our additional drop off / pick up service to your door.

Yes – you can!  Jensen Classics specialises in caring for your vehicle so you can enjoy it when the weather is right and you just need to jump in and go for a drive.