Vehicle Storage Packages

Vehicle Storage Packages

Trust, Peace of Mind & Passion

All vehicles are kept in dry, secure, high quality indoor facilities. Vehicles are assessed and photographed for their condition upon arrival and a report sent to the owner. Any items noted that require attention can be managed on owners behalf while a vehicle is in our care.

We offer a variety of Packages dependent on client and vehicle requirements with services such as the following:

  • Tyres checked and kept at correct pressures.

  • Fortnightly or Bi-monthly on-site exercise programme with vehicle run up to temperature, run for 15mins minimum, vehicle moved on-site to avoid tyre flatspotting, and mechanicals such as brakes and gears exercised.

  • Quarterly vehicle report.

  • All fluids regularly checked.

  • Glass cleaned after each vehicle return.

  • Basic interior and exterior grooming through to professional on-site detailing or next level.

  • Air Chamber – a humidity controlled ‘no touch’ storage bubble.

  • Airport transfers.

  • Choice of on-site, on-road or combined exercise programme.

  • Unrestricted vehicle access *Subject to availability and fair use policy.

  • Drop off/pick up service to home, office (within defined Auckland metro area).

  • Vehicle project management – driven or trailered.

100% Kiwi Owned, Approachable and Honest


Gold Package and additional services.


Silver Package and additional services.


Entry level basic storage services.


Keep your project vehicle, rolling shells and non-runners out of the way until you are ready for them.

40 / 40

Designed for vehicles over 40 years of age and under $40,000 insured value.


Covers the other items you may need to store – vehicle hard tops, tyres, parts, and tools.

*Please note that with any vehicle of $500k+ insured value there may be varied pricing or a high value surcharge applied and a higher level Package recommended to add to the vehicle’s preservation and care.

Vehicle Storage.

Short Term Storage

Jensen’s offer short term storage from daily up to one month. The best solution for caring for your vehicle.

  • Are you moving house?

  • Are you renovating your house or garage?

  • Are you going overseas and flying from Auckland International Airport?

  • Are you travelling from Auckland Domestic Airport and wish to leave your special vehicle with us?

  • Have you driven to Auckland and want to keep your vehicle safe for a short time while you fly to another destination?

  • Do you want to store your vehicle in a more discreet, indoor parking location while you are on holiday?

  • Have you purchased a vehicle that you need to keep secret?

  • Have you imported a vehicle and need somewhere short term to store while you get organised?

  • Have you purchased a vehicle in Auckland and need to store somewhere secure till you can pick it up?

  • Does your mechanic not have space for your vehicle while awaiting parts or work?

  • Are you visiting Auckland with your vehicle to attend a car event and need to store overnight somewhere safe while you are in your hotel?

  • Have you brought your car into Auckland, New Zealand for an event and need to keep somewhere safe and secure till your event date?

  • Have you got a race car that you need to store in between seasons?

  • Are you exporting your vehicle out of NZ and need somewhere to store for a logistics company?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then contact us to make a booking.

Vehicle Storage.

Long Term Storage

Jensen’s offers long term vehicle storage from months to years. You may be an airline pilot, a business person or a frequent traveler who needs somewhere safe and secure to store your prized vehicle in a secure location in Auckland.

If you have too many vehicles and don’t want to sell them then Jensen’s is the answer.

  • Have you run out of space?

  • Have you got a new baby and a family car and nowhere for your special car?

  • Do you have too many cars and not enough carparks?

  • Have you purchased an investment vehicle and want somewhere to store and not drive?

  • Are you traveling a lot?

  • Do you work overseas and want to keep your vehicle?

  • Do you fly out of Auckland a lot and want your car cared for close by?

  • Are you an Australian business owner who travels to NZ regularly for business purposes?

  • Have you inherited a special family vehicle and can’t take it out of NZ?

  • Do you want to send your car to NZ to avoid your country’s increased vehicle emission standards, restrictions and insurance costs that come with older vehicle ownership?

  • You don’t live in NZ but do want to drive your special car on the awesome NZ roads.

  • Are you restoring a vehicle and need to store it somewhere?

  • Do you live in an inner city apartment with only 1 or no carparks and want to drive your special car on the weekends?

  • Is your apartment carpark too small to fit your car?!

  • Is the camber of your driveway too steep for your car?

  • Do you need a dry place away from flooding?

  • Where can you store your convertible over winter?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then contact us to make a booking.

Vehicle Storage.

Accessory Storage

Talk to us about your accessory storage requirements such as hard tops, specialist race equipment, spare sets of tyres and restoration parts.

“We have room for what you don’t!”

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs as we realise the reasons for storage are numerous and no two vehicle ownerships are the same.

Feel free to talk to us about the care of multiple vehicles or collections.
We understand you may have more than one vehicle and want to swap them in and out at times.